Sample Packages

Choose one, or make your own

A Matter of Minutes

Consider your audience, the flow of your event and the story you want to tell. Whether you think of your video in terms of the schedule of your event, the amount of life stages it will cover, or the number of minutes in length, the packages below will work for any occasion. A mix of still images from each life stage (infant, toddler, tween, teen, college etc.), vintage footage, some recent action clips, and testimonials from family and friends near and far make the final piece balanced and entertaining. If you need some guidance but want to get started, reach out to us and we can help!


1-2 life stages

2-3 songs

4 - 6 min. final length


Short Story

3-4 life stages

3-5 songs

6 - 9 min. final length



5-7 life stages

5-7 songs

9 - 12 min. final length


Some Guidelines

We will work with you along the way and help you prioritize your imagery but there a couple of pointers that are super useful to remember. When you start to gather your source material think in terms of time. A still image should stay on screen for about 3-5 seconds each. If it's a group shot it may need more time on screen. The early infant and toddler years are where it all begins but it can get repetitive so it's great to include other family members and friends in the pictures. Vintage video clips and new testimonials from current friends are nice to change up the pace and keep it interesting. It's a really nice touch when the testimonials recount memories for which you have still photos. Like "…nothing beats our 21st birthday at Joe's Pub!" — [CUT TO: Photos from Joe's Pub]